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3/set Round Pillar Candles
16 oz Apothecary Jar Candles
9.5 oz Apothecary Jar Candles
16 oz Apothecary Soy Candles
9.5 oz Apothecary Soy Candles
4/set Round Votive Candles
6/set Round Votive Candles
4/set Square Votive Candles
10 oz Gel Candles
11 oz Gel Candles
13 oz Gel Candles
18 oz Gel Candles
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All 10 oz Coffee Mugs, All 10 oz 2-wick ovals are no longer available.
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Unique Aromas, manufactures one of the largest selection of scented candles, gel candles, floating candles, pillars, votives, container candles, gift baskets, gift sets, and more. These candles are made with non-lead wicks, premium graded fragrance oil, and specially blended waxes for stronger scent and longer burning time. Each and every candle is carefully hand poured for the highest quality. No harmful additvies added in any of our candles. All of our candles are made in the USA.

To buy our products retail, please log on to any of the major search engine and search with the appropriate keywords to find our products. If you are unable to find our products online from one of our distrubutors, please contact us at phone number below.

Dye-Free Soy Candles
8 oz 2-wick Frosted Jar soy candles 13 oz Romeo Jar soy candles 10 oz Tumbler soy candles 9.5 oz Apothecary wholesale soy candles 16 oz Apothecary wholesale soy candles 18 oz Frosted Jar scented soy candles

Soy Candles
18 oz Frosted Jar wholesale soy candles 4 oz Flower Pot Votive soy candles 8 oz 2-wick Frosted Jar soy candles 7.5 oz Tumbler wholesale soy candles 26 oz Square Pillar wholesale soy candles Round Pillar Candles wholesale soy candles

Gel Candles
11 oz Gel Tumbler gel candles 13 oz Romeo Jar Gel Candle soy candles 10 oz Gel Candle soy candles 18 oz Gel Candle wholesale soy candles

Container Candles
11 oz Tumbler wholesale soy candles 7 oz Triangle Candle wholesale soy candles 7.5 oz Tumbler wholesale soy candles 10 oz Square Jar Candleswholesale soy candles

13 oz Status Jar Candle soy candles 8 oz Status Jar Candle soy candles 16 oz Apothecary Jar soy candles 9.5 oz Apothecary Jar soy candles 6 oz Travel Tinsoy candles

Pillar Candles
3/set Round Pillarssoy candles 13 oz Rd. Pillarsoy candles 16 oz Rd. Pillar Candlesoy candles 23 oz Rd. Pillar Candlesoy candles 26 oz Sq. Pillar Candlewholesale soy candles Unity Candlewholesale soy candles 9 oz Bundt Cakesscented soy candles

Votive Candles
3 oz Square Votivewholesale soy candles 2 oz Round Votiveswholesale soy candles 3 oz Votive Tumbler Candlesscented soy candles 4/pk Square Votivessoy candles 4/pk Round. Votiveswholesale soy candles
Candles Gift Sets & Gift Baskets
Bakery Candle Setssoy candles Assorted Candle Setssoy candles Tumber & Refillswholesale soy candles Under The Sea Setwholesale soy candles 3/pk Pillar Setssoy candles fundraising Rose Gift Sets
Valentine Gift Basketwholesale soy candles Floral Gift Basketsoy candles fundraising Votive Gift Baskets
Floating Candles
Roses wholesale soy candles Round Leaf wholesale soy candles Hearts soy candles Starfish wholesale soy candles Gardenia scented soy candles Butterfly soy candles

Plumeria floating candles Freesia wholesale soy candles Carnation soy candles Pumpkins leaf candles Sweet Pea flower candles Periwinkle fall leaf candles

Sm Round floating candles Sugar Maple wholesale soy candles Long Leaf soy candles Sycamore Maple leaf candles Sm Oak Leaf floating leaf candles Heart Leaves fall leaf candles

Gel Candles: Uniquely formulated and fashioned, our line of gel candles makes perfect gifts for any occasion. The hard-wax pieces create a fun, picturesque portrayal of the fragrance, while the transparent gel creates a window of tranquility. These, along with the 11 oz wax tumblers make great fundraisers. Whether you're dining, entertaining, relaxing, or working, these candles create a warm and soothing atmosphere in your home and work place. They also make excellent decorations for kitchens and baths and each jar has up to 80 hours of burn time.

Floating Candles: No matter how big or small the occasion, candles make ideal gifts. Our selection supports a wide array of occasions from Valentine's to Independence Day or from Baby Showers to no occasion at all. Our floating candles in particular support many fund holidays with flowers, roses, butterflies, pumpkins, snowflakes, leaves and much more. The floating candles are individually hand-wrapped and labeled. In addition, they make great center pieces when floating in a bowl of water and are sturdy enough to be lit on a dish or dry surface.

Christmas and Thanksgiving In a time of family and friends, thanks and forgiveness, joy and salvation, it's important to embrace all of those in life that make you who you are. Give them a light that fills the whole room with fragrance, a sensation of peace that caresses the air long after the candle goes out. some of our candles have a burning life up to 100 hours or more. Our assortment sets and baskets make perfect gifts for the holidays.

Weddings and Anniversaries: Whether you're celebrating that special day or honoring reminiscence of the divine moment, abide the yearning of your heart to be joined with another, the touching of you souls. With Unique Aromas, you'll find a romantic tranquility in each and every one of our products ranging from butterfly-shaped floaters to our traditional wedding candles, a candle that starts out with two flames, unifying a love until it becomes one brilliant light picturesque of the fire within your hearts.

Coffees and Chocolates: Providing a sensation that warms the heart, our coffee and chocolate line nudges awake the senses even after the flame goes out. With nearly ten different coffee and chocolate scents to choose from including Mint Chocolate, Cafe Mocha, Fresh Brewed Coffee, Dark Chocolate, Hazelnut Coffee, Cappuccino and more. You won't be disappointed after trying our delicous and strong coffee scents. They also make excellent gifts for coffee lovers.

Over 75 Scents Available: Whether you're searching for the crisp, home-baked scent of your mom's cinnamon apple pies or the fresh relaxing breeze in a tranquil autumn's day, you can find it among our over 75 fragrances. Our unique aromatherapy line is a perfect depiction of the seasons. Emerge yourself in the peaceful aromas of Serenity, Tranquilily, Relaxation, Soothing, and more.

Candle Fundraising
Unique Aromas Candle Fundraising Program offers schools and non-profit organizations the following: High Profit, Premium Quality Products, Large Selection of Easy to Sell Items, FREE Brochures for all Participants, NO Up Front Cost or Investment to Start
Unique Aromas has several fundraising programs. Pick one that's right for your organization.

Candle Fundraising Programs fundraising
Our programs are designed specially for elementary schools, high schools, daycares, sport teams and churches. Each brochure comes with an easy to follow order form. Your customers simply fill in their names, phone numbers and enter the quantity of items they want to purchase. Our Fall Brochure has 9 best selling gift items for the Holiday seasons and over 60 different choices to pick from, your customers will be tempted to order more than just one item to try. Our gel candles programs are great for schools and sport teams. Kids are having fun selling these unique looking candles. We also have the 11 oz Tumbler Candle program. The tumblers are our best sellers, for just $10 each, these candles make excellent gift ideas for any special occasion.

Candle Drop-Shipping candle baskets
Looking for more products to add to your retail store or online store? Unique Aromas has one of the largest selection of scented candles and gel candles that you’d been looking for. We also have gift baskets, gift sets, floating candles, and much more. Our products are premium and prices are low enough where everybody can afford. There’s no inventory to stock and no investment needed. Also, you don’t have to pay a large membership fee to sell our products on your website. You can also earn additional income by introducing our fund raising programs to schools and churches. Every non-profit organization or school do one or more fundraising projects per year. Our fundraising programs are designed specially for elementary schools, high schools, sport teams, daycares and churches. To start distributing Unique Aromas’ products, click on "Dropship Info" link above. Products: Unique Aromas currently have over 3,000 items for you to sell on your website. These items can be drop shipped directly to your customers. All dropship orders can be placed online at our secured online order site.

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